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    One more no bluetooth on 5i5RYK


      I had a dual boot Win7 and Linux Mint build on NUC 5i5RYK.  Bluetooth worked, but was very problematic, especially if I switched between OS's.  But eventually, even just staying in Linux, I often had to repair.  One day, it just stopped working altogether.  The Bluetooth manager was faded out and I couldn't turn anything on.  In Windows, there were no Bluetooth drivers in Device Manager.  I installed the latest Wi-Fi driver and then Bluetooth driver for the NUCs.  Got an error installing the second one. Flailed in Linux to no avail.  Updated BIOS where Bluetooth was enabled.


      Finally, I just wiped the entire drive and installed Windows 10 from scratch.  Still no sign of Bluetooth.  Anybody know what is going on?  This is starting to feel like a hardware issue to me. Is there some way to enable the Bluetooth radio at the hardware level?  Do I maybe need to call Intel Support?