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    Help with DX58SO memory voltage




      I want to buy a new pc with motherboard DX58SO and want to know if is possible to use the memories with 1.65Volt.


      I asked OCZ and they told me:


      "Yes the memory will fully work on that motherboard. The 1.6 volts is if you do NOT increase the QPI voltage as well. The reason being is that Intel requires you to keep the DRAM Bus voltage and the QPI/Uncore voltage with a difference no greater than .5 volts as it can damage the hardware. You simply will need to increase the QPI/Uncore voltage to

      1.25 volts and the DRAM voltage to 1.65 volts and that should work just fine. "


      Please, could you tell me if this information is right, because I can not get in the same hardware's seller, the memory with 1.5V +/-5% and also the DX58SO motherboard, and if I buy in two different places the memory and the motherboard in case of problem everyone will say that the problem is in the second one. Therefore I need to buy everything in one place?


      If the information is right, please, could you tell me how is the sequence for changing these parameters in the DX58SO?


      Thank you for your attention.

      Shmuel Maybisher.






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          Yes it is, if it is 1600 ram that is compatible.  The board will automatically set the ram to 1006 speed and 1.5v. If you want the preformance out of your ram.  Go in the bios to performance , go to memory. Then  if you have the updated bios . All you have to do is set it to Profile 1: XMP-1600 and the board  will set everything for you or set speed and voltage manually.

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            My system will be as follows:


            CPU i7 -920

            motherboard DX58SO

            memory OCZ3OB1600LV6GK 2x3GB 1.65V 9-9-9-24


            These are the parts that I can found in the market in my country in the same seller.


            1- I don't want to work with orverclocking.

            2- I suppose that this memory will be suitable but the clock will be fixed automatically to 1066MHz. I'm right?

            3- The memory will work without doing nothing or I'll need to configurate something and this is the case, could you tell me what I'll need to configurate in BIOS?


            Thanks for your answer.

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              Yes you are right. The ram you picked though can be unstable, if you are not interested in overclocking there is cheaper ram with lower voltage (1.5) at 1066 with tighter timings , which at defaults speeds would actually  out perform the high performance ram you mention.  Though as stated in my first reply it is very easy to set 1600 ram to the right voltage and timings. Also remember if the board has the oldest bios on it it is possible it won't post with 1600 ram. Check out intels support page for this motherboard.

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                DDR3 1066MHz triple is not possible to find in my country.


                Please, could you tell me if the motherboard DP45SG chipset P45 supports 1.65V memory for 1333MHz Dual channel?


                The problem is that I need to buy all the hardware in the same seller because in case of hardware problem, in case I had bought the processor

                in one of seller and memory in another, both will say that the problem is in the part from the other seller and I will not receive any support.

                For this case the solution for me is to go to another chipset:


                motherboard DP45SG.

                processor Quad Q9550.

                Memory OCZ3P1333LV4GK 2Gx2 7-7-720 1.65V or OCZ3G1333LV4GK 2Gx2 9-9-9-20 1.65V.


                Thinking that 1600MHz should be unstable, I suppose the same problem for DDR3 1333MHz in DX58SO and therefore is not worth for me to think in X58.


                Thanks a lot.

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                  Funny, last year I built a system with DP45SG , it very picky about ram and it likes a powerful PSU. It was design to run on Double channel 1333 ram at 1.5v Cas Latency 9,  that is your best bet . In a bios update in dec 2008 it now supports up 1.7 v ram.  The OCZ ram you metion is designed for the p55 chipset ,the DP45SG is P45. It may work, I  am not sure. The processor you picked is a good match for it. But OCZ  ram can be a problem. Not sure of a good OCZ ram match for this board. I used 2GBx2  ram sticks GSkill #F3-10666CL9D-4GBNQ. Also there has been a lot of negative reviews on this board, but if is matched with the right hardware it is a great board and no need for overclock. Also the crossfire for video is good.(ATI). Windows 7 runs good on it , do not even try XP total headache.