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    Re: Do Intel's new RST AHCI/RAID drivers support TRIM?


      I had initially installed my windows 7 os on my RAID 1 (ach10r) and then converted it to a raid 0. I then modified the volume to get the rest of the space (went from 500gig raid 1 to 1000 gig raid 0).


      I later got my SSD and installed a fresh windows 7 (the MBR remained on the raid set and loaded fine in windows). I later installed the latest MSM (1023) and everything seemed to be ok, but i just noticed my array is only showing 500 gigs now instead of 1000 (which it was on my previous OS build). It shows also as "uninitialized" in the Bios but also "bootable".


      When i try to verify data in MSM it tells me it needs to be initialized first! LOL, the data is usable on this drive... any thoughts or advice here? I'm not sure how it decided it was only 500gig again. Do i need to just wipe this thing? I had pushed a lot of stuff over (page file and such) and would like to just get this recognizing the space...