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    Endless 'Display driver igfx stopped responding and has successfully recovered', can I get refund from Intel?


      Windows 10 is out for several month, but Intel display driver is still a piece of ****.


      I'm using 6700k and the integrated video card HD530, and I got endless "Display driver igfx stopped responding and has successfully recovered", sometimes I got a blue screen with error message "Video_Schedule_Internal_Error". I only use this computer to browser website, and I still get these kind of stupid error in every minutes.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can do nothing!



      Intel just released the driver win64_154010.4300.exe, the stupid bug still exist. And the funny thing is, once the display driver crashed, the error message shows "Windows 8 driver *****"


      Intel is a great company, why you can't fix this problem?


      As a consumer, can I ask for refund from Intel for my 6700k?