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    Configuring the 4600 graphics card with an AOC 27 LCD monitor


      I bought a new Acer TC-605 desktop with the Intel HD Graphics 4600 PCIe 16x graphics card.  The card specs are 3D acceleration - Yes; Video Memory - 4.0 GB; Intel VGA Driver; Vertex Shade Support 5.0; Pixel Shade Support 5.0.  The PC is running Windows 10.


      At the same time, I bought an AOC LCD E2752VH monitor - 16X9, 27 inch, max resolution 1920 X 1080.  Model 270LM00004.


      The problem:  The text in many apps and in web browsers seems somewhat pixilated, as if it were produced with a low-end dot matrix printer (yeah, I'm that old).  Pictures look great, but, for example, the text here is not clear and crisp.  It's a little "fuzzy" as if I need to adjust the focus.


      I've exchanged support emails with AOC and Acer to no avail.  I'm wondering if the card isn't good enough to power the monitor, or if the monitor is too low-end for the card.


      Any suggestions?