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    HD 4600 Blackscreen issue after resuming from S3 - Windows 10 64-Bit




      I am the owner of a brand new Lenovo IdeaCentre A730. It is using an Intel HD 4600 display adapter and an Nvidia GT 745A. I am suffering from an issue with Sleep mode since July when it was running Windows 8.1 64-Bit. Now I am on Windows 10 and the problem still exists.


      The computer is working absolute fine, with great performance, but when I leave it alone and the display goes black and later it sleeps (switch to S3) the problem is that the display never come back. It remains black for ever, but the whole pc is running fine. Connecting another display to the HDMI port is always working.


      To get the display running again and I have to shut down down Windows using the external Monitor or to unplug power for several seconds and switch it on again. I recently upgraded the driver to version! For a couple of times the problem was gone everythings fine and now the same issue is back.


      I know from the Lenovo forum that there are many other people out there have the same issue as me, but no resolution from Lenovo yet.


      In the driver information there is mentioned the following statement: "Key issue fixed: System may hang on resume from S3 Windows* 10 64-bit"! Do you have more information whats the root cause for that and how that can be prevented????


      Please advise.