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    Number of devices per QSFP+ port




      I am planning to buy a network card for a new academic research server, which will be used in a SFP+ environment. I would like to evaluate the X520-DA2 (SFP+) and the X520-QDA1 (QSFP+).

      I wonder if a X520-QDA1 card can be directly linked with two different SFP+ devices simultaneously, using a Direct Attach cable, such as the X4DACBL3, that provides 4x10 GbE connections.


      If that is correct, how many network devices/interfaces will be available at OS level.


      From the ixgbe driver's README:


      "- 82599-based QSFP+ adapters only support 4x10 Gbps connections.

        1x40 Gbps connections are not supported. QSFP+ link partners must be

        configured for 4x10 Gbps."



      Does it mean that the card provides four interfaces (i.e, eth0, ... eth3)?