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    Intel SSDSC2BX480G4 reallocated sectors


      Hello, im using two Intel SSDSC2BX480G4 Solid State Drive S3610 480GB,in our servers and now they have reallocated sectors(36 and 18),what a threshold value of this attribute,and how to understand that the drive for the replacement?

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          Hello Stanislav.Sesin,


          It is not normal for a drive to show reallocated sectors, the raw value of this attribute shows the number of retired blocks since leaving the factory (grown defect count). The threshold is 0.


          You can find the description of this and other Smart Attributes of the Intel® SSD DC S3610 Series in the Product Specification document, pages 23-26.


          You might want to Contact Support and engage a support agent in your region.


          For any further information, let us know the type of computer, OS, firmware version of the drive, SMART attributes report, and any other information you consider relevant about this matter.