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    DP55WG Board Problems


      I have a system with a DP55WG board.  The board has two legacy PCI slots and some PCIe x1 slots.  I am trying to install two universal PCI cards and two PCIe x1 cards in the system.  One of the U-PCI cards will not work properly when one of the PCIe cards is installed.  Also, the U-PCI card will only work in one of the U-PCI slots.  I upgraded the system BIOS to 3878.  I tried updating the OS drivers to v9.1.1.1020 but I do not think it works even though the installation has no errors.  The drivers in Device Manager seem stuck on v9.1.1.1013.


      I looked at the P55 chipset documentation for any clues but it did not help me.  I have looked at the configuration in Device Manager.  When the PCIe cards are not installed, the U-PCI card gets assigned to PCI slot 1, PCI bus 6, device 0, function 0.  It works there.  When the PCIe cards are installed, the U-PCI card gets assigned to PCI Slot 1, PCI bus 7, device 0, function 0, and in this case the PCI card driver cannot talk to the card.  The BIOS sees the card just fine.  I am working on trying other combinations of cards from different vendors to see if it is a problem with these particular cards.  However, if the Intel community has any suggestions I would appreciate it.  I just do not understand how a PCIe card could interfere with a PCI card and why PCI bus 7 would be any different from PCI bus 6 in the P55 chipset.


      I also tried putting the PCIe x1 card in the PCIe x8 slot but that hung up the system.


      My system configuration is:

      DP55WG system board, I7-870 processor, 4 GB RAM

      WinXP Pro 32 bit

      SATA hard drive, IDE DVD+-RW optical drive

      Geforce 9600GT 512 MB PCIe video card


      The PCI card that is having problems is an IOTECH DaqBoard/3005.

      The PCIe card that interferes with the IOTECH board but otherwise works fine is a SeaLevel 7205E two port serial expansion card.

      The other PCI card that always works regardless is a General Standards PCI-SIO4B multi-function serial I/O board.

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          Try pulling a stick of RAM out to get you under 4GB.  There can be a lot of goofy issues that arise with 4GB memory and 32 bit operating systems--especially with a few expansion cards installed.


          The package is named because one or more of the inf's contained in it are of that revision, not all of them are.

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            I am still working on testing with 2 GB of memory.  I assume the system will work with only one DIMM installed?  I am just waiting on tech support to make this change.


            I tested the system with a PCIe x1 SATA RAID controller card instead of the Sea Level cards.  The SATA card did not interfere with my PCI card.  The SATA card is using the same IRQ as the Sea Level cards and a larger I/O and memory address region.  So I cannot understand why the Sea Level card prevents my IOTech PCI card from working while the SATA card causes no interference.


            I had Device Manager organize the hardware by resource type, and I noted that there are 11 entries for sharing IRQ 16.  The PCI/PCI bridge in the chipset PCH, the Nvidia video card, and the Sea Level cards are all using that IRQ.  Is there some kind of limit on IRQ sharing?  The IOTech PCI card does not use an IRQ but of course it does depend on the PCI/PCI bridge.

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              I tested the system with just 2 GB of memory.  The problem still exists.  I will be purchasing an alternate PCI Express serial card from Quatech to see if that one will work.  Any insight into this problem from the Intel folks would be helpful.