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    compute stick hangs on high cpu!


      I am seeing a major amount of system lockups using the compute sticks.  I have 80, and experience on average 5 lockups a day - somewhat randomly across various sticks.  The pattern I have noticed is that it is always around high cpu utilization (but nothing abnormally high).  System boots are the most common lockups, followed closely by a refresh on a web page.


      I've disabled bluetooth and wifi, and am running the latest BIOS (0030). Kernel: Linux input16 3.19.0-32-generic #37~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Thu Oct 22 09:41:40 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

      This is very disappointing Intel. Please let me know if there is any further details that I can provide, I'll be more than happy to try work with someone from Intel directly.WP_20151105_10_44_33_Pro.jpeg

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          Hello jpcarey,


          I would recommend to post this inquiry on the Ubuntu Forums since I have not received any notification about the issue you're experiencing.





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            I wish there was a way to mark your reply as un-useful.

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              While evaluating the compute stick earlier, I was running a utility to stress test the stick. It will push the CPU load to a point that is much higher than normal and I ran that for 24 hours. During my test, the stick seems to be ok. But a think to take note is that my compute stick could be running a different kernel version (I don't have the stick with me now, so I can verify my kernel version).


              Also, during the course of my testing the compute stick, I noticed that the power adapter and usb cable used are important. Using the original adapter and usb cable did resolve a couple of weird issue for me.

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                Yes, I am using the stock power adapter and cord.  From all the logs that I have looked at, the system lockups seem very consistent with high cpu utilization will accessing the storage (note 'fsck' shown in the original screenshot) [using the eMCC built in storage].

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                  May I know if you are running standard software? If so, I could try to install on my ICS and see if it could be a hardware problem.

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                    Found the issue. We were using the power brick that came with the compute stick, but had substituted the USB cable in some cases with a longer 6ft cable (Anker Charging cables: http://amzn.com/B00MLSY6MM).  The 3ft and 6ft cable from Anker cause the Compute Stick to lock up. To repo: 1. bootup the stick 2. shutdown the stick 3. Unplug and re-plugin the power 4. Stick will hard lock during boot (always happens on second boot attempt if the cable is not the OEM cable).   The 1ft cable did work (most likely short enough to handle any load spikes). Looking at the OEM USB cable, it has a 24 AWG pair and a 28 AWG pair. I'll assume the 24 AWG is used for the power connection.

                    It is very sad to use a standard micro usb connector to power the stick - but then require a non-standard cable - and NOT MENTION THIS ANYWHERE!  I have to ask how many people would realistically have a AC outlet within 3ft of the TV they plan to connect this device into.  I'll just have to assume this was something caught in QA after the chip manufacturing stage, and shipping with the beefed up USB cable was a great "save my team's @$$ workaround".  Ship it, nobody will notice!