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    ssd write speed problem on intel 6 and 7 series


      hi there;


      First of all i am not quite sure if i wrote this threat on right place. so sorry if its wrong.

      i have problem with my ssd s in Intel chipsets. Ive 2 diffrent brand ssd s which is supports 500mb/s read and write.

      i was tried this thing on my mobo which has z77a chipset with sata3 ports and also my laptop with mobile 6 series which is also have support for sata 3

      so long story short with bothbrand ssd and either chipsets i can see 500mb/s read speeds but non of them can see more than 130 mb/s write speed with atto and cdm.

      using latest RST and drivers also firmware for ssd s and bioses for mainboards. ah before forget i know its not affect that much but also i was tried with different sata cables.

      what do you think about that?

      ive really appreciate help