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    i210 Windows 10 slow upload issue


      Hi, I have a SuperMicro C7Z97-MF motherboard with an onboard Intel i210 network adapter. This computer is on a 1 Gbps internet connnection. The problem is on Windows 10 I will get around 950~ Mbps download speeds from pretty much any location, but when it comes to upload speeds the performance seems to seriously degrade as latency rises. With only 45 latency the maximum upload speed seems to be about 35 Mbps.


      This issue does not occur when I tested with a live Ubuntu CD. With Ubuntu the download and upload was over 900 Mbps to any location.


      On Windows 10 I have tried using the network adapter driver from the SuperMicro website for that particular board and I have also tried many other variations of newer and older Intel PROSet versions. I tried tweaking pretty much every option in the network adapter settings as well as tweaking every option in the TCP Optimizer tool. Nothing seems to get the upload speed up to its proper speed.


      Something I did notice was when I tried setting the Link Speed to 100 Mbps Half Duplex the upload speed went up from 35 Mbps to about 75 Mbps to the specific server I was testing against. Obviously I want 1 Gbps Full Duplex though as 100 Mbps won't do.


      Does anyone have any suggestions on what this issue could possibly be? I've been trying to figure it out for well over 2 months now and haven't gotten anywhere.

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          Hi hlstrker,


              Have you tried using the Intel driver at Download Network Adapter Driver for Windows® 10. We recommend customer to use the OEM driver from the board vendor for onboard NIC. since you already tried the driver from SuperMicro, you might want to give this a try.


               Please make sure the switch you are connecting has the same speed setting and autonegotiation mode.


              You can further check with Supermicro* as this is an onboard NIC.




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            Thank you for the reply. I have already installed the link you provided and am currently using the following:


            Intel PROSet Version:

            Driver Version:

            Driver Date: 5/4/2015


            I notice the driver version is many months older than the date provided on the download page (10/02/2015). Do you know if the latest driver was successfully installed or is the driver version I'm using still quite old?


            Both switch and adapter are in auto negotiation mode. For some reason I have a hunch the issue is related to congestion control so I'm going to research that path a bit further as well.

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              Hi hlstriker,


                          Thank you  for the update. The date provided on the download page dated 10/2/2015 refers to the PROSet software, the driver contained in the PROset software can be older since only some changes made in the software. Please refer to what is new in the Release notes https://downloadmirror.intel.com/25016/eng/readme.txt.