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    DG 31PR Motherboard

      I have connected my DVD-Writer & CD-Rom to the IDE connecter in the Intel DG31PR motherboard. Now i need to connect IDE ATA hard disk. Is there any method to do this? A friend of mine told me that there are converters (IDE to SATA) in the market. But the merchant says these converters are not compatible with some motherboards.

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          An IDE to Serial ATA converter is designed to convert a standard IDE drive for use with a serial ATA interface.


          Intel does not support the use of IDE to serial-ATA converters, however limited testing indicates that such converters may work with the Serial ATA feature of Intel® Desktop Boards. The IDE drive may need to be configured as a SINGLE drive (usually by setting a jumper). The drive may not be recognized by the system if it is set as Master, Slave, or Cable Select (CS).

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            Had the same Problem ,,, DG31PR MoBo + E5300/2.6GHz/dual wouldnt run a PATA with a SATA converter ,,, So I went and bought a new 320GB\7200 rpm SATA2 was only $54 can ( 1 tera is only 117 can),, as soon as I hooked it up to the sata 0 on the MoBo my old PATA HD worked with the converter I had bought for it set  cable Select in the 1slot  lol , funny thing is I bought a GIGABYTE MoBo with same E5300 chip and had the exact same problem with it too