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    Can't seem to get SATA working with Win XP SP2 and new HP Pavillion


         I think I've almost got this going, but I seem to be missing some fine point along the way.   Any advice would be most welcome.    I have a new HP system that came with Windows Vista, and I want to be able to dual boot to a second hard drive that has my old XP system image.   This is what I've done:


      -- I verified that the HP Pavillion e9180t uses the Intel X58 Express chipset, and according to Intel's Web site I should install the Intel Matrix Storage Manager drivers to get the Sata drivers for Windows XP.

      -- I downloaded the floppy image of that driver from this URL   http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=15251&lang=eng

      -- My machine doesn't have a floppy drive, so I used nLite to create a Windows XP Professional slipstream install image that includes the drivers that I downloaded above

      -- I used Acronis to copy my existing Win XP system onto a new Sata drive that I've added to the new HP machine

      -- I went into the BIOS and set the Advanced Settings to use SATA mode AHCI

      -- I did an install repair of Win XP using the bootable image I got from nLite.   This install was performed when the BIOS was in AHCI mode.


        When I do all this, I'm able to do the install successfully, but the resulting  system crashes if I boot with SATA mode AHCI.   The error I get is a blue screen of death during boot:

          STOP:  0x0000007B (0xB84C3524, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)


        It boots successfully if I use SATA mode IDE.   When I look in Device Manager after booting in IDE  mode, I can see that there are two SATA mode drivers in the system I built:

           -- ICH10 SATA Storage Controller 1 - 3A20  (the driver name chosen is ATAPI.SYS, PCIDE.SYS, and PCIDEX.SYS)

           -- ICH10 SATA Storage Controller 2 - 3A26  (same drivers)

           -- there are also several primary and secondary IDE drivers listed


        For some reason, Windows XP doesn't seem to be using the SATA storage controller drivers when I boot in AHCI mode.    According to the Intel Matrix Storage Driver documentation, I should be seeing IASTOR.SYS as the driver name for these SATA controllers instead of ATAPI.SYS.    I scanned the install disk I created, and I can see the IASTOR driver in the INF folder, so I'm pretty sure the slipstream install image has picked up the Intel Storage Matrix driver correctly.   I've tried uninstalling the drivers and then XP install repair to replace them, but XP always chooses ATAPI.SYS as the driver instead of IASTOR.SYS -- even though I'm installing with my BIOS set to AHCI mode instead of IDE mode.    Any ideas on what I've done wrong?