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    Intel NUC DC3217BY Thermal issues


      Hello to all, i own the nuc kit DC3217BY and lately i am facing boot issues as after post i get an error that there have been detected post errors due to HW changes.


      It seems that the problem is caused by overheating since entering BIOS and raising the fanspeed as described here: http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/CS-034326.htm seems to fix the problem. That worked for a while though. I now start to face the issue even with duty cycle at 60%. Also it has become so noisy that it is noticable even over the tv sound in a normal level. In a quite enviroment i can hear the fan to the next room.


      I have checked the SA# on the barcode and it reads G80090-103 which should have a thermal pad added on manufacturing but i do not see anywhere the thermal pad.


      Is there any solution to the above or any other recommendation?


      Please for your help, thanks in advance!