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    No KB/Mouse on USB (3.0) after fresh install of Win 7 64 bits on NUC5PPYH. USB 3.0 creator used to add driver during installation, but still not working in final process.




      I have downloaded a Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits ISO file.

      I have flash an USB key and applied USB 3.0 creator in the WIM file, as explained in the corresponding download page.

      I start a fresh installation on a disk, using the USB key, and it works correctly; I can select my language with the mouse and everything is OK.

      After a second boot, I am requested to provide the login name and the PC name on the network and, on this screen, the mouse and the keybaord are not working any more!


      It seems that, in this part, the USB 3 is not recognized any more.

      Is there any way to manually copy the files onto the disk, using another system?

      Or any solution?


      Note: If I restart the PC, I can select Safe mode, for instance. Even if it cannot go until the end of the boot (conflict with installation procedure), it shows that the USB is working at boot time.


      Thnks in advance.