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    Computer Display




      I need help.


      Here is the problem.


      First Computer Old>1. Power is on but doesn't show any display, Memory Card is all working.



      New> 2. I bought a New Motherboard(Gigabyte Socket 1150), Fortress PSU and a Intel Processor Pentium for Socket 1150 also a New DDR3 Memory Card 4GB and an Old Memory Card 4GB along with the new one Installed. I installed all of the parts correctly and when the FAN is running, the display doesn't show at all and also it keeps rebooting over and over again.

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          Hello ArchBach,


          Could you please provided us with the following information:

          • Motherboard model.
          • CPU model.
          • Memory specs.
          • Operating system installed.
          • Driver version installed, if it is possible to get it.
          • Monitor model.
          • Connections, ports used(cables).
          • Video card model, if you have one installed.