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    965 Mobile Express graphics on WindowsXP



      There are problems with the current driver for 965 Mobile Express on Windows XP. Bad shader support results in different graphics bugs in different games - FarCry, Ka-50 Blackshark, Source Engine-based games (very strong fog on all maps, low performance in certain places like antlion tunnels in ep1), much more. Plus, as I figured out, and please correct me if I'm wrong, this chipset is using my CPU as a GPU. So it's a bit confusing to have such low performance on an Intel Core2Duo T8300 CPU (2.4 GHz). The latest version currently published on intel.com is January, 24, 2009 - pretty old, and nobody is trying to fix it.

      Will there be proper support of Windows XP with proper testing and fixing some day? Windows Vista and Windows 7 are not the only operating systems out here you know...

      Thank you.