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    Can I delete the DMP and text files in the WiMAX Bin folder?


      I periodically go through my computer to try and make space. Recently its been very full for no real reason and I noticed after searching that one file in particular was eating up 344 GB of space on my 681 GB harddrive.  The source of the space was in the Intel folder. Inside was  WiMAX folder, and inside that was a Bin folder. There were a good 12,844 files of various sizes there that equaled to 344 GB of space on my harddrive.


      What I want to know is whether or not I can delete these files, or which ones I can delete? Most start with file names like "AppSrv_0_0_27.dmp" or "LogsDump_AppSrv700" obviously the numbers are many and various.


      I need to know if these files can be deleted? How can I know if these files are being used by other things in my computer?