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    Intel Remote Keyboard v1.4 (with NUC5i5) Wake On Lan Issue?


      I have an intel NUC 5i5RYH that is running 64bit version of Win 10 Professional.  It is hard wired (via ethernet) to my verizon router.

      It is running version 1.5 of the intel remote Keyboard host app.


      The phone and PC pair fine, and when the machine is powered on I can use the iphone as a mouse and keyboard without issue.

      My issue is that when the NUC sleeps, and the iphone Remote Keyboard gives me the option to Wake PC?  I quickly get an error that says "Failed to send Wake-on-Lan Magic packet.  There may be a network issue, please try again."


      To debug, I have successfully been able to use a different iphone application (called fing) to successfully wake the NUC device sending the wake on lan packet.  (I have actually confirmed I can wake on wired AND wirelessly with FING App)


      So my question... Does version 1.4 of the iphone Intel Remote Keyboard support wake on lan?  If not, is there a plan to fix it?





      PS - as a seperate concern: I have also noticed when wake on wireless lan with magic packet is enabled in device manager, the NUC likes to wake up randomly... so something is causing it to turn on when I am not expecting it to.


      seems as though the wake on lan and wake on wireless lan still has multiple issues.