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    DQ35JO Motherboard immediate 4 high low tones and then shutdown


      I have an old DQ35JO Motherboard that I'm running windows 7 on.  I've used it for years, but the past few months it has randomly shutdown on me.  I boot it back up, it gives me the thermal shutdown error, but it continues to run for days/weeks before shutting down again.  Well the last time it shut down, it will not boot back up.  When I push the power button, it gives me the 4 high low beeps and turns off.  Here's what I have tried to this point.


      Pulled the processor heat sink.  Cleaned the processor and the heat sink and applied arctic silver 5 and reinstalled the heat sink.  Fan is working properly.


      I pulled the video card, and repaired the fan on it because it was stuck, it now seems to working properly.


      I pulled power to the computer, and removed the battery on the motherboard for 5 minutes, put it all back together with no luck.


      Any suggestions on where to go from here?