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    D865GSA with D950 INTEL-VT available?



      I am using an D865GSA board with an D950 CPU - up to now without bigger problems.

      But now, using Windows seven, I need to run Virtual PC again but I get the error message, that virtualisation technology is not available with my processor.

      But if I run Intel's Processor Identification software it shows, that virtualisation tecnology is available.

      Now I think the problem is, that the BIOS does not enable VT. But also with newest BIOS update there is no entry for enabling it.


      Question: is there any possibility to enable VT with by board?


      Remark: I tried to run Integration toolkit, but if I select my mainbord I get a error message, that my board is not supported with this Integration toolkit. I tried different versions (,,,....) but with each the same problem.


      Please help.