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    BCM43340 Monitor Mode and Station Mode




      I browsed the pages and couldn't exactly figure out the following...


      1) Can the integrated Broadcom 43340 support Monitor Mode?

      2) If it can, i suppose it cannot do dual mode which is Monitor Mode and Station Mode. - I derived this from an answer about AP and Station mode.

      3) if it cannot support Dual Mode, can i attach the ARDUINO WIFI SHIELD 101 to the breakout Arduino board to make the new hardware enter Station Mode?

      4) Can 43340 scan all channels and both frequencies under Monitor Mode?

      5) Can I attach the ADAFRUIT PN532 NFC/RFID CONTROLLER SHIELD to get NFC working.

      6) Finally, if I attach both the hardwares to the Arduino Breakout board, will it block the Broadcom 43340 from performing at it's peak because these extra peripherals are blocking it? Also, will there be some conflict with two different WiFi modules on certain channels?


      Thanks in advance!