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    "TONY-TRIM" - what say you? [RAID]


      As we all know there currently is no way to pass TRIM to a RAID array. I've tried to get some information about this out of Intel, Areca and Adaptec but each time I don't make it very far. While searching on the subject I came across a technique entitled "Tony-Trim." I'm not sure what the policy is for linking to other sites so just throw "Tony-Trim" into Google and you should find the post. I'm curiois what you all think about it and/or have found running it.



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          I was curious about that myself, but haven't tried it yet.  Here's a thread that has some feedback (only 3 ppl, tho).  It's a fairly high traffic forum, you might post your question there:



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            I just installed my 2 x25-m 80gb in Raid 0 and installed a bunch of stuff 50% of my 160gb

            i didnt use an image but i started the installation program from an external-hd


            After done installing W7-office-photoshop-antivirus-all the W7 updates-acrobat-couple of games....

            I used Crystaldisk (i didn't screen shoot it) then i ran Tony Trim and again Crystaldisk to be honest my performance were never gone down it was


            3XX(i actually forgot how much was here exactly)-160


            before and after running it


            So i am not sure if it does really work as my performance were still too high to notice any difference but for sure it doesn't hurt them