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    Intel 82573L Gibabit Ethernet LAN, Windows 7 Driver Problems


      Toshiba Tecra A7-247
      Intel 82573L Gigabit Ethernet LAN Controller: 01/09/2009 -

      I installed 32-bit Windows 7 Professional and operation of the network seems to be right. But the properties of the card does not offer the option I Wake Up LAN as before when I had Windows XP. I downloaded the specific drivers for the network card and now appears in the Properties if such an option, the problem is that now can not be navigated, as there is some sort of anomaly. Making a ping / all the MAC Directorate is now unknown, as I write below: 00 00 00 00 00 00

      If I go back to previous drivers to operate the network becomes the MAC is correct: "00 A0 C1 54 05 70" But of course I need to activate the option Wake Up Lan longer appears in the properties of the network card.

      To navigate without uninstall the last driver I had to force the MAC address on the properties of the Card, but it's clear that something is wrong.

      Does anyone have news of this or know a solution?