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    AMT Provisioning issue


      We had tested intel amt provisioning using sccm 2007 sp1 earlier. for the test we used a private certificate for testing. i entered the hash manually int eh client and amt provisioning was working fine. now we purchased the certificate from veresign and installed it in sccm OOB. now i unprovision the client and try to provision it again and on the lientlog (oobmgmt.log) it gives an error " Failed to call checkcertificate provider method,80041001". the certificate that we purchased from veresign has a different root hash than what we have built in in the amt bios of the clients. its like doig it with a private certificate. i installed the proper root, intermediate certificated that i got from veresign but still cannot. juts for testing i manually entered the rooot hash in the client and the client was provisioned. BUT the client log said device provisioned successfully. amt log in the server said provisioning successfull but i was not able to connect to the client using OOB or Power control. if i dont include the certificate hash in the client device manually if fails. i am attaching a log for your info. i am not sure if it is an issue with the veresign certificate or our web server certificate. i verefied in the local CA that a certificate was issued to the client which was provisioned.