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    750 ssd missing from UEFI boot list win7 MSI gaming 5 Z97 mobo


      I recently built a new PC centered around the intel 750 SSD.  I purchased the MSI gaming 5 Z97 mobo as it is listed as win7 compatible in the 750 FAQ.


      I downloaded intel's nvme drivers, booted from a UEFI win7 USB stick and put a clean install of win7 on the 750 per the intel documentation.  Upon rebooting, the 750 is missing from the UEFI boot list.  Entering the BIOS there are only default options "UEFI HDD, UEFI usb drive" etc.  If i switch to UEFI+legacy, I can boot into my old intel x25M sata SSD, and the 750 is viewable in windows explorer.


      By cloning my old x25M win7 install onto the 750 I was able to trick it into booting from the ssd:
      power on computer

      select x25m ssd from bios boot list

      boot into windows

      reboot computer

      enter bios

      choose intel 750 ssd from force boot list

      boot into windows.


      While this sort of works it means I have to use the old install of win7 in MBR / legacy format rather than GPT/UEFI.


      I've downloaded the latest intel nvme drivers and used intel ssd toolbox to update 750 firmware to the newest version.


      Please advise!