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    ASRock Q1900TM-ITX - Sporadic no output on hdmi


      Hello community,


      with the following configuration I get sporadically no output on hdmi:


      ASRock Q1900TM-ITX with Intel J1900 CPU

      Intel 7th. Gen Graphics

      16GB DDR3 RAM

      120GB OCZ Vertex 2 SSD

      Microsoft Windows 10 x64

      Graphics driver: from 07/29/15


      When the system boots up, I can see bios-logo and windows bootlogo over hdmi. When it comes to windows, there is only output via vga.

      When I connect a vga cable, it works fine, but picture is pretty bad on my display. When I connect both cables before I start my system,

      output is still on hdmi. When I shutdown windows and disconnect vga, it could work on hdmi, but thats only a temp solution, since on

      a new boot, it could be changed again. There is no pattern, so that I could say "when I do this, or that, it fails, or it works"


      Should I change my Windows version, or is there a solution? (Maybe to disable the vga-output!?)



      Thanks in advanced