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    Does the Arduino Sketch run on the MCU?


      I want to use an Intel Edison for a project where I would like to use Arduino together with the Linux system beside.

      Arduino should handle some time critical stuff (react on inputs)

      Therefore my question is if the Arduino sketch runs on the MCU and does not influence the Atom CPU and the Linux system.

      If it does run on the linux system in a "virtual Arduino Runtime" is it planned to improve that in the feature and run the arduino sketch for real time purposes on the MCU which provides a real time system?

      I know I could use the MCU programming from Intel but it is not as comfortable and easy to setup as the arduino IDE.

      Especially if I want to open my projects for others it would be helpful to rely on a very common standard like arduino which is quite popular.


      I hope you understand my request and somebody knows the answers.