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    Reversed brightness on Windows 10 Home (HP 250 G3 with Intel N3540)




      I have a problem with reversed brightness on my HP 250 G3 with Intel N3540 running Windows 10 x64 Home. The hardware brightness buttons as well as the system's one are reversed. Only after restart everything goes back to normal but only till the next shut down and start of the machine.


      Driver installed through Intel Driver  Update Utility is signed but it doesn't work, as well as the one that can be found on HP's site which is signed as 4252. The only one working properly in terms of brightness is the old one 3408. The newer one 3431 won't even install, it says that the system isn't compatible (although this drivers is newer that the one running right now).

      What about the fixing the the latest driver so it would work properly, hmm?


      None of these drivers can be found on Intel's site and Intel Driver Update Utility can't even fit right into the screen. There is also no Intel's official graphics identifier and the system always gives only the common label "Intel HD Graphics". Even asking question on this forum has been complicated to a maximum. I didn't know if I'm asking question or writing a topic to a discussion. And I thought HP's web page is messy, but Intel beats it all! These are really big hiccups.