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    Server 2008 R2 fails install with ICH10R Intel 5500 chipset on SuperMicro 8XDTL-i


      I have a Systemax server using a Supermicro 8XDTL-i motherboard running Server 2008 R2.  Due to failure I have to reinstall Windows.  I am able to install the driver version  The installer sees the devices and is able to delete and create partitions.  Even reports it is able to format the drives.  The I get the message:

      "Windows cannot be installed to this disk. This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk.  Ensure the disk's controller is enabled in BIOS menu."  It is enabled and I can create and delete raid devices in the controller BIOS.  The named device is in the Intel boot list.  Anyone know what I have missed.