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    Quicksync encoding performance among 5th generation NUC


      Hello guys,


      I want use NUC as 24/7 live encoder. As we know NUC5 comes with Iris 6100, HD 6000, HD 5500 and HD graphic with 12 and 16 EU in Celeron and Pentium variants.


      Is there any noticeable difference in terms of encoding speed. Does anyone have any idea at all. I've read couple of forum, however it's unclear if it's dependent on graphic generation (haswell, skylake) or each graphic model.


      If possible I would like to you to use this video as input source (i_am_legend-1080p_blu-ray_trailer.zip - Download Movie Clip - dvdloc8.com) then transcode with Handbrake using Quicksync--best quality--constant quality 20 and post your result here.


      Mine is (not NUC)


      HD 4600 (Hawell)


      Average FSP 55.1