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    X-25M SSD's in ICH7R RAID 0 - Win2K3 Virtual Server Drive Activity Light


      I've set up a pair of X-25M 80GB G2's in a RAID 0 array on an ICH7R controller as a D: (non-system) drive and everything is working great.


      I'm using the array to run 3 Virtual Servers on a Windows 2003 Server host and the performance is great.  What is strange is that the drive activity light is staying on continuously.  Before doing this upgrade, I was running everything on a single X-25M, with the exact same configuration otherwise and the drive activity light flashed as one would expect.


      I've noticed this when running Virtual Server on other RAID arrays, so I don't think this is specific to the SSDs, but what has me worried is that if the server is doing continous disk I/O (writes in particular), that I'm going to wear out the drives!  I have no evidence of that, but does anyone have experience with this configuration that can make me feel any better?  Unfortunately, the SSD Toolbox won't work on drives in a RAID array, so I can't validate what's really going on by looking at the SMART data.