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    MOBO DP43TF  Mated with Pentium D 925?

      I am in need of more PCI slots and I would like to carry my exisiting CPU and Memory to a bigger board. After searching on Newegg, this board fit my bill. Newegg listed that it supported the Pentium D processor but on the Intel site I didn't see my processor listed. I sure would like to get this board but would like to validate before I purchase.


      Here is the data that I have from CPU-Z:


      Pentium D 925 (3.00 Ghz)


      Socket 775 LGA

      Tech: 65 nm

      Core VID: 1.324 V

      Family: F

      Model: 6

      Stepping: 5

      Revision: D0

      Core Speed: 2391.8 Mhz

      Mulitpler: x12

      Buss Speed: 199.5 Mhz

      FSB: 797.3 Mhz

      L1 Data: 2x16kbs

      Level 2: 2x2048 kbs


      Memory: DD2  800Mhz 2GB x 4