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    DP55WB processor thermal margin error


      Have DP55WB w/Core I5 750, Microcenter machine Powerspec B817 (http://www.microcenter.com/single_product_results.phtml?product_id=0321345)


      As noted in another thread, sometimes when I turn it on the fans are at full speed, processor=1860 RPM, rear=2040 RPM.  Restartign windows settles them down to regulated speeds.


      I have just had it happen again, and went into the hardware monitor.  It showed processor thermal margin=0, internal temp=25, remote temp=27.  The machine had been off for hours.


      After restarting windows, the fans settled down immediately and BIOS showed processor thermal margin=50, internal temp=31, remote temp=33 and fans at a more appropriate processor=1020 RPM, rear=1200 RPM .


      What could cause the intermittent problem with the processor thermal margin value, which was clearly in error on powerup and which seems to be making the fans go to max?