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    Q6700 successfully installed - runs some games...


      but fails to display video on others - noticed one of the four cores was listed as 'not available' under 'Signed Drivers' listing in System Information - have updated all drivers and fixed that but without change in primary problem.  nVidia GTX295  4 GB RAM  XP Pro - 5.1.2600 SP3 build 2600  DQ965GF MB  SMBIOS v2.4

      No other devices problems or conflicts found.  Steam games play fine.  Crysis plays once antiviral disabled.

      Example older game is from Eidos - - Thief Deadly Shadows  which installs but upon launch, screen goes black and can hear audio played from splash logos of vendors as they normally play - not crashed but need to end process in task manager to quit.

      Any clues?