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    D945GSEJT will not boot, no error codes or monitor signal




      I have the D945GSEJT motherboard, and I can not get any thing on the screen :-(


      To the motherboard I have attached memory, vga cable, dvi cable and usb cable keyboard.

      I have attached a 12V 5A power brick directly to the motherboard.


      When I plug the power cable in, the green light near the CPU.

      When I switch on, the fan chasis fan is starting and the led on chasis light is turned on with no blinking.

      Nothing appears on the monitor, I can switch between vga and dvi... pressing ctrl + alt F1/F4 does not help (should switc between vga and dvi).


      What can I do? please help me out


      NB when I remove the ram module, and turn on the motherboard, I get the correct error message from the led "No ram error"



      Christian Palm, Denmark