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    Board DP35DP Management Engine Service Problem




      I bought this board on July 2008 and it has been working just fine until this morning. I turned the computer on and noticed the date was reset. Then I notice the processor fan at full speed (it was never that way). After a shut down and power on again I got not video, then turned off and on again and got video.


      Went to the bios and noticed I could no longer enter the Hardware Monitoring settings.


      In Windows 7, Device Manager: Intel Management Engine Interface has a Yellow "!" (this was fine before).


      I tried to update the bios with the latest one (never updated it, because it was working fine), but I get an error saying that the management engine interface (or thermal interface) could not be updated, so the bios update fails and an error code ending in 1310 (the others are a bunch of 0000).


      How can I fix this problem? Is this a hardware or Bios update problem? Should I buy another board?


      I guess having no thermal control is dangerous, but this system has never been more than 40 - 42 oC.


      Thanks in advance!