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    DX58SO ESATA disconnect


      I have a problem with esata connection.

      Every time when I try transfer 2.4Gb or more the connection be lost.


      I´m use windows7 ultimate x64 and updated bios and drivers.


      Any ideias?



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          i dont know if this is board-specific problem, but i had the same problem with my new hp laptop. Once i transfer multiple movies to my esata hdd, it gets disconnected after about 10minutes.



          i found this solution from another forum.


          open COMPUTER

          right click on your esata drive (actually, any drive is fine)

          click PROPERTIES

          go to HARDWARE tab

          select your esata drive

          click PROPERTIES

          go to POLICIES tab

          UNTICK: enable write caching on the device


          although there is a risk of data loss when power fails, its your choice...


          but this solved my own problem, i can now copy any amount of files on my esata drive.