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    SCS errors on Remote Provisioning - WSMAN


      Hi All


      I am currently setting up a vPro enviroment with HP desktops and HP Client Automation (we moved the HP OOBM into the Free edition of HP Client Automation) I am doing delayed remote provision and have purchased a SSL certificate from "Go Daddy", setup DHCP/DNS/ and all correctly.


      When I boot a device (dc7900'S) in this case they appear inside the SCS under All platorms as and unconfigured device and I then correclty ensure it has the FQDN and profile assigned to it with OU location.


      Then the SCS goes off to provision this unit but I get the following errors (the booth have Firmware 5..2.0.1009 on them)


      1. Error Configuring Intel AMT device: Failed Synchronizing Intel AMT device clock: WS-Management [-1]: "Error calling WSMan setNetworkTime(AMT_TimeSynchronizationService.InvokeGetLowAccuracyTimeSynch): PT_STATUS_INTERNAL_ERROR: An internal error in the Intel(R) AMT device has occurred.".

      2.  Error Configuring Intel AMT device: Failed to connect to configured Intel AMT device at FQDN bne-dt-03.shrekitout.com: AMT Connection Error: SOAP Error [-1]: "getFullCoreVersion: SOAP Unknown error".



      I also have two older machines (8710p and 2710p) running 2.6.1 firmware but they configure perfectly.


      Has anyone seen this before?