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    What to do about defective CPU?


      Just bought a Q9550 CPU, upgraded from a Q8200 (has run fine no problems)....After installing the Q9550, system booted up,no problems, after a few minutes my system shut down (windows 7 pro 64bit)....Rebooted ran fine few minutes, then shut downs....Checked fan, seems fine....booted up again no problems...few minutes later, shut down again... I believe the CPU is getting to hot....Do I return it to Microcenter or contact Intel and have them replace it?




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          Hi there,


          Actually if your system is reporting high temperature, you will need to check for motherboard manufacturer first.


          It can be due to any of these:
          a) bad integration
          b) PSU not ATXv2.2
          c) Chassis is not TAC (Thermally Advantage Chassis)
          d) BIOS Issues.


          Make sure that you are reading the temperature from the BIOS itself.


          Steps to try:
          Re-integrate the cpu with new clean thermal paste.
          Update the BIOS of the board.


          If not, fixed, try the system out of the chassis as a test to eliminate any other issues as well.

          Make sure that you have a good PSU as well.


          Note: the cpu can go up to 71.4C (you can add 5 more degrees to it)


          Which board are you using? What is the sl number for the CPU? this is found on the CPU metal.


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            1. reset chip 2 twice (same results)

            2. PSU is ATX2.2

            3. Chasis is TAC

            4. Bios version (per Gigabyte web site supports this Chip)


            Mother board is Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L


            SL is SLB8V


            Why does my Q8200 work perfectly with this MB and not Q9550?

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              I dont think that this has got something to do with the CPU.


              The only way to get a definite and conclusive answer is to try and test the CPU on another compatible board like intel if possible.


              I have used this cpu on a Intel DQ45CB, it works fine. I did not have any problem at all.


              What is the main issue that you are having?

              What is the CPU temperature in the BIOS?


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