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    Alienware DHS2 - Intel Chipset D915POM - Need Windows 7 Drivers


      I just installed Windows 7 on an Alienware DHS 2, and I need to install drivers for the integrated audio.  I was told by Alienware tech support that this unit has Intel integrated audio.


      I've determined that the motherboard is an Intel D915POM, Chipset: i915P/i915G.


      How do I install the audio drivers for this board?  I can't seem to find a separate driver set for Windows 7 or Windows Vista.

      Additionally, the Alienware DHS 2 has a front panel indicating "Starting UP" while the operating system is up and running.  I've run all of the Windows Updates, as well.


      My attempts at downloading and installing chipset drivers failed - "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software. Setup will exit."


      I downloaded infinst911_autol.zip for chipset drivers – is this correct?

      Can someone help me install chipset drivers or at least the audio drivers for this board?

      Thanks so much!

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          Sorry about the text formatting!  I hope that was legible.

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            I am pretty sure you are not going to get a win 7 dirver form intel for that, specially as tehre isnt even a Vista driver. The system is too old. I think your best bet will be able to keep trying to update the driver via windows, i would think it would eventually find a driver for it. Unless anyone here can suggest a driver for you to try.


            You could try some of the drivers form the 915 boards http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/archive.htm But i dont know if they will work it isa a possibility, and you will have to run the setup in compatibility mode. They might be the same ones but you can try these as well: http://www.intel.com/support/chipsets/sb/cs-011594.htm , again you will have to run the setup as compatibility mode.

            Hope this helps

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              Thanks for the tip.


              Even running the installer in compatibility mode results in no drivers being installed.  The installer runs but I still have no audio.  No error message is indicated during or after installation in compatibility mode.


              I don't imagine chipset drivers show up in Installed Programs, do they?


              Rather, they show up as actual drivers in Device Manager, correct?  The motherboard drivers show up under...COMPUTER in Device Manager?


              I'm really after the integrated audio driver installation - if I can get audio to work I can run Windows Media Center.


              Tuner card drivers are installed as well as my ATI graphics card drivers.  I'm close!


              Thanks again.

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                I'm interested in knowing what the model of tuner card you have in your system, I have the Avermedia a169 dual tuner in mine but I can't Windows 7 drivers for it. I did go to the reltec website & download drivers for audio which now gives me audio in Windows 7 but again, no tuner card drivers installed as I can't find any that work


                Installing Vista allowed to get all devices working but it's important to note that you need to do a clean install of vista then, before installing the drivers for the devices, be sure enable the hidden Administrator account by doing the following;


                • First you'll need to open a command prompt in administrator mode by right-clicking and choosing "Run as administrator"
                • Now type the following command:
                  net user administrator /active:yes


                With that done, Log off or switch users & you'll now see the Administrator account as well as your usual account at the log on screen, just click it (No preset password) and when you are logged on to the Administrator account, go ahead & install the drivers you need. I found that although the drivers are XP drivers, Vista accepted them without too much of a problem, the occasional warning prompt about the drivers not being verified but you select "Yes to install" anyways and things will be good



                After the install of your drivers, Log off the Admin account & log on to your usual account then disable the Admin account by following the above steps but this time substitute : yes for no


                If you choose to keep the Admin account active for future use, simply set a password for that account using the User Accounts applet in the control panel but I would suggest changing the name of the account from Administrator to something else & only use that account for actual Administrative things


                I hope this info helps anyone that reads it but again, I'd be interested in knowing how the tuner cards were installed in Windows 7 as I have had zero success with that!!

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                  An update for everyone with the Alienware DHS2 Media PC wishing to install Windows 7 and have all things work as expected. I finally figured it all out and it is all good with the exception of one thing; the front panel display shows the time, date and all that jazz as it should but, the volume bar sits at full level and does not change regardless of the volume adjustments made. I can live with this because it's purely estetic and means nothing to the overall functionality of anything critical - it is of no effect!!


                  First off - Install Windows 7 32Bit (x86) eddition, my setup is with Windows 7 Ultimate 32Bit - The Tuner card is not supported in Vista 64Bit & therefore will not install in Windows 7 64Bit either 


                  Second - Clean install


                  Third - Install done, log on to your desktop then use the steps, from the above post, to enable the Admin account


                  ***You may receive the "This driver has not been verified" message on the following two driver installs, just choose "Yes" to install them***


                  Installing the Realtek Audio Drivers


                  Go Here - http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/downloadsView.aspx?Langid=1&PNid=24&PFid=24&Level=4&Conn=3&DownTypeID=3&GetDown=false & select the latest release of Realtek's High Definition Audio driver, install it then reboot your PC


                  When the PC reboots, carry on with the Tuner card install


                  Installing the Avermedia A169 Tuner Card in Windows 7


                  Those things done, go here - http://driverscollection.com/?H=AverTV%20Dual%20Analog%20TV%20Tuner%20(A169)&By=AVerMedia or anywhere else to find the Vista x86 version Driver for your Avermedia A169 tuner card (scoll the page past the XP driver download to see the Vista x86 driver offered)


                  Extract the package then open the Device manager and update the unknown devices (four times for some odd reason) by manually selecting the location of the drivers until the unknown devices are now installed and you have no more unknown devices - the Vista drivers do actually work as Windows 7 finds them & uses them without fail or problems


                  Of course this assumes that all other drivers for all other devices have already been installed prior to these two main items of contention


                  I hope this setup finds its way to the masses as I have finally sorted this PC out for the current times and I'm more than impressed, I now have a pretty frickin' cool Media Center PC. I need more RAM and an upgraded Video Card and I'm gonna be even more pleased than I now am

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                    I have an Alienware DHS 2 computer and have followed the steps you outlined and still my front display says Starting Up. I have removed the modem, done a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate, changed to administrator, ran the Realtek upgrade and updated the 4 AverTV drivers. What step did I miss?