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    Workstation Board S5520SC onboard Graphics


      I recently removed (from my S5520SC workstation) one of my dual PCI add-in graphics boards. This necessitated enabling the onboard graphics through the BIOS and cold-starting the unit to get back to a dual-screen system. However, what I encountered is that I can only get one of the two grahpics to display, regardless of which set of BIOS settings I select (onboard=enabled, dual-graphics=enabled; and all the various permutations.)


      Here is the symptom: with onboard enabled in BIOS, I get VGA out of the onboard (through the ribbon connector) but the PCI graphics card (an NVidia) is blank. This happens whether the dual-graphics BIOS setting is enabled or disabled...no apparent difference.


      Next, with the onboard video disabled in BIOS, I get the reverse--video out of the PCI card, but nothing from the onboard ribbon connector.


      The problem is present during long, detailed POST and thereafter, so the OS is obviously a non-issue.


      I suspect many things, but before I go through rigorous diagnosis, I am throwing it out to the group for "most reasonable" first steps.



      [Naturally, my first steps will include ensuring I am on the latest firmwares, drivers, etc.] but also some x64 BIOS PCI memory addressing (above/below 4Gb) may be causing the conflict of displays.]  Remember, too, that when there were two PCI boards installed and no onboard bideo, both PCI boards worked well together.


      Well, please reply with any thoughts and useful suggestions as I move forward.