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    Multi-streaming audio on DP45SG board issue


      Running Vista 64, after installing the audio driver w/control panel the preferences doesn't give me the option to enable multi-streaming on the audio. The instructions from Intel show it there but I am not seeing it. My system also has an ATI Radeon 4890 video card that supports HDMI audio. I noticed in the Device Manager that there are 2 audio drivers. One says it's ATI HD audio and the other is the IDT HD audio driver version from 11/15/2009. I tried disabling the ATI audio driver and reinstalling the IDT audio driver package from the Intel site and when I run the IDT control panel the preferences still does not give a selection to enable multi-streaming audio. I am making an assumption that the audio on this ATI 4890 is interferring with the audio on the motherboard. Anyone have any ideas? I am kind of stuck here since I have tried everything even updating the chipset inf files, removing and re-installing audio drivers. . Any help would be most appreciated