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      I had just had it with my SuperMicro X7DA8 motherboard and it's lackluster performance and was thinking of changing boards soon.

      I saw an Intel D5400XS motherboard on one of the auction sites for a fraction of it's retail price, so I took a chance, even though the seller stated it was a "manufacturers display sample??". I received the motherboard and carefully examined it, then proceeded to remove the 6150 Xeon processors from the old

      motherboard and installed them in the new board [saying a prayer, crossing my fingers, and knocking on wood ]; 'not like these processors come in Cracker Jack boxes !! Then installed the 8GB memory [had purchased new 800 FBDIMMS]. 'Made sure all components had the necessary cooling fan and installed the motherboard in the case, connected control and electrical cables and installed an Nvidia FX5200 [no, I'm not a gamer...] graphics adapter.

      After carefully checking everything for the 5th or 6th time, a monitor and keyboard/mouse were connected and 'ye olde' motherboard was fired up. Amazingly, with all lights appearing normal, all fans running, the board booted right up to a "Beta" setup screen. 'Never saw one before, but things seemed

      straighforward enough, so after checking settings and adjusting a few, I saved the settings and proceeded to install XP Pro.

      It installed with no problems, but the networking wasn't working, although a Pro/1000 PL [82573L] was shown installed in the device manager. I checked different settings in services and policies and found nothing that might be causing this, except of the fact that DHCP was shown to be started, while another program I use stated DHCP was not running. Also, XP kept wanting a driver for some device, which I could never resolve, but if I'm not mistaken, the component that was asking for a driver was a Broadcom BCM5701 NetExtreme adapter; 'tried that to no avail. I had installed WireShark on the machine from a USB stick and the strange thing was that when WireShark was started, the networking started working, when it was shut down, the networking stoppd responding.

      I knew there was something unusual was going on here that I had seen before, but couldn't place the problem. This all occurred back in August, when I first

      acquired the motherboard, and I remembered that I had resolved the issue, and the XP networking had started working , but I just did not remember exactly how I had done this.

      While copying some files onto a USB stick from my wife's PC, I just happened to notice a directory I had created called "XPEmbedded", which contained the files e1e51exp.inf, e1e51exp.txt, e1e51exp.sld, and E1e5132.sys. I copied this directory, reinstalled these drivers for the Pro/1000 PL, replacing the supposedly "correct" drivers, and like magic, all is correct in the device manager, networking is up and running,  and there is no more finding an unknown device, [aka BCM5701].

      I didn't know Intel released "beta" motherboards or anything else, but regardless, unless I really overlooked something on the Intel site, this was not a straightforward and user-friendly solution that Intel provided [listing the incorrect drivers for this 82573L]. I honestly don't remember where I even downloaded those XPMbedded drivers, it may very well have been on this site.

      Regardless, thanks for a nice motherboard, retired or not. It does a great job for me.

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          Well done with that!!! but just to let you know Intel don't release Beta boards nor their pre production boards. So the chances are that the person you bought it from either works for intel and took the board or works for anothewr company who intel gave the board to as a tester and tehn he took. But hey your good so no worries. They only thing i would say is don't update the BIOS, ive done that on a couple of pre prods and bricked'em