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    Best processors for live video software encoding




      i am actually working on a project where i need to capture 4 videos streams and live encode them in h.264 (using adobe flash media live encoder).

      I have actually tested 2 differents configurations :


      the first is based on a dual 4-core xeon X5560 (2,8ghz, 8mo cache 6,4GT/s)

      configuration is stable eating between 86% to 95% of the 8 cpu core, which is a little too much, but result is ok.

      The problem is those processors are very expensive.


      So i tryed a second configuration (with same encoding parameters) with dual 4-core Xeon E5440 (2,83ghz, 12mo cache)

      Result is it's eating less cpu (around 75% on the 8 cores) but i have experiencing some lag (periodical micro freeze) on the video.


      the X5560 is supposed to be around 36.86% more faster than the E5440 and it eat less cpu on the E5440.


      Can someone explain to me why could be the reason ?

      Also could someone advise me wich processor i should choose for doing this ? (considering power vs cost)


      Thank you.