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    RAID 5 rebuild time



      I am planning to build a system with S3210SHLX motherboard. I want to create RAID 5 on 4 disks of 2TB, Core 2 Duo 7400 & 2GB RAM. My OS drive will be a 250GB SATA disk & will not be part of RAID. I would like to know the what RAID controller is onboard & what is the typical rebuild time for RAID on a disk replacement.

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          Make sure that you are aware of MBR 2TB limitation, however GPT does not have this limitation.


          Check this link for RAID information.



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            This may be off topic in this thread, but I'm trying to find out why my RAID 5 rebuild is taking so long.

            Ich10r onboard RAID 5 with 3 identical 500gig HD.  I accidentally disconnected the power to 1 drive and when I rebooted I got a degraded error message.  I reconnected the power to the drive and so far the Matrix Manager Console is indicating that its "restoring parity" 3 DAYS and is only at 70 % complete.


            Any ideas?


            Any good resources?


            This is a XP Pro 9550 w 4 gig and the system is unusable because it's so slow.


            Thanks in advance!