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    DP45SG no wake, CMOS reset and stability issues with PCI-e video card


      Hi everyone, I have an issue that is driving me crazy.  I have a DP45SG m/b that runs fine as long as I do not install a high powered video card that requires the use of 1 or 2 pci-e power connectors.


      First, my system.


      DP45SG m/b (bios v.118)

      2.5GHz Quad Core Q9300

      8GB DDR3-1333 Ram

      610W Silencer PC P&C power supply

      3 500GB HDDs

      Dual Apple 20" cinema displays

      Vista Home Premium 64-bit


      Now, I currently have 2 9400GT cards installed and everything runs perfectly.  I use this machine for photo editing (Lightroom and Photoshop) and am now editing HD video and ripping DVD's to mp4 for my home server.


      I would like to run a better, single video card like a GTS 250 or GTX 260 to balance out the system cause, well, the 9400's are a little underpowered compared to the rest of the system.


      So, when I try to install a card that requires the use of the pci-e 6-pin power leads, the system will run fine but when I try to wake it from sleep (s3 mode), the hdd's spin up, the system and video card fans spin (fast) but I get no video, as it it never wakes the displays.  This happens about 80% of the time.  I have to reset the machine and when it boots I will usually get a CMOS error.  Also, if I just reboot the machine, I will get a CMOS error about 50% of the time.  If I remove the high power video card and re-install both 9400gt's the system will run perfectly.  I have tried updating the bios, downgrading the bios, different video drivers, etc with all having the exact same result.


      I have tried a gts 250, a gtx 260 and an ati HD 4850 with all having the same symptoms.  I have been reading here and at newegg that the DP45SG board has had some quality issues and I am thinking I may have an issue with the motherboard.  Anyone have any suggestions or similar experiences?