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    DX38BT & Virtualization

      My apologies if this has already been answered.  I did a search, but didn't find anything that answered my question.


      I recently bought Windows 7 Ultimate, and have the 64 bit version installed.  I have been trying to get Windows XP Mode installed, but I am told that "Hardware-assisted virtualization is not enabled on this computer."


      I have done the following things:

      *    I updated my bios - it was roughly a year out of date

      *    I went into the bios setting an enabled virtualization


      I continue to get the error message.  Is there anything I can do to the settings to get it running?  Or is a new motherboard required?


      Here is information about my computer:

      *    DX38BT motherboard

      *    Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 @ 2.66 GHz

      *    8 Gigs of DDR3 Ram

      *    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285


      Thanks for the help!

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          Sorry its a bit late in reply...(1/2 a year) but I wanted to put this out there in case anyone else has one of these boards and is running into the same problem.


          The board officially does not support Virtualization as in this article on the Intel site:




          However Microsoft's detection tool suspects that the technical level of the system should be able to handle it. (I'm not entirely sure how its drawing the conclusion but it does check something)  I found some things in the bios which looked like it would apply but the detection tool still comes back with "Hardware-assisted virtualization is not enabled on this computer"  - At least it doesn't come back with a solid 'NO'!


          According to Microsoft you should still be able to run the virtualization by applying this hotfix:  "Be aware that XP Mode will run much better if hardware-assisted virtualization can be enabled."




          I shall try it on the system I'm workin on and hopefully I can get it going!

          Otherwise its purely a BIOS/Motherboard issue


          Good luck!

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            Snuggs is right ,I found out your problem then got a DX48BT2 which does support running XP Been there done this works find on the Bonetrail.

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              Well I'll be darned!  Something was nagging in the back of my mind...  Why would it tell me that I might be able to use Virtualization...

              So I dug deeper after finding the info on Intel's website that said I couldn't I found several mentions that I could!!!

              See below:




              So perhaps I figured my CPU just didn't support it.  After running the Intel CPU checker it indeed checked out as Virtualization capable.

              What have I been missing? After spending some time in the BIOS--making changes then rebooting and testing I finally found a combination that works!!!


              I used the latest BIOS first of all:   BTX3810J.86A.2006.2009.1023.1057 (according to the bios info screen)


              Under the SECURITY tab make sure the options read as follows:


              Expansion Card Text (Disable)       - but shouldn't matter

              Chassis Intrusion (Disable)            - but shouldn't matter

              XD Technology - (Disable)             (I believe this one made the difference!)

              Intel Virtualization Tech  (Enable)

              Intel VT for Directed I/O  (Enable)


              Virtual Appliance VA Operation (Enable)

              User Confirmation required  (NO)

              VA Config Interface (Unlock)


              Then all of a sudden my machine now supports Virtualization especially when you run the Microsoft checker



              Hope this helps someone out there!