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    WARNING!!! - Intel PRO Network Connections Driver 14.7 is broken


      For anyone who was waiting for updated drivers that are supported on the Intel(R) Desktop Boards,  http://downloadcenter.intel.com/SearchResult.aspx?lang=eng&keyword=%22prowin32.exe+15.3%22 is now available. This includes the same base drivers for the network connections that were in version 15.2, so you do not have to upgrade again if you already upgraded to version 15.2.

      Thanks Mark H.



      Just wanted to let everyone know that this driver version, 14.7, is broken.  I've spent all morning working on it and trying to isolate the issue so you don't have to.



      Motherboard: Intel D975BX2
      Bios: 2838
      OS: Windows XP Pro + SP3 (Slipstream)

      1. Clean install of OS.
      2. After OS boots up, I ran the LAN driver installations.
         (See below for the three drifferent drivers I've tested with.)
      3. Repeat.



      Drivers use in Step #2 are:
      a. 14.5 09/08/2009 -> PROXP.EXE
      b. 14.6 10/04/2009 -> PROXP.EXE
      c. 14.7 10/29/2009 -> PROXP.EXE

      Drivers #a and #b works fine.  Driver #c does NOT work.

      What I mean by it does NOT work is the MAC address aka Physical Address come back as 00-00-00-00-00-00.  Even though I'm able to obtain a dynamic IP address( from my router(, I was unable to ping my router IP address.  With #a and #b drivers, my NIC card does have a MAC address when I issue the command "ipconfig /all".

      I haven't read the RFC, but I'm guessing any MAC address that is blank(00-00-00-00-00-00) is non-routable.

      Anyways, maybe someone at Intel's Tech Support will read this and pull this driver off the download page.

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